Patient Survey

    Welcome to our practice, if you would like to fill in this patient survey.

    1. How easy and convenient was it to make an appointment?

    2. We aim to see all patients within 15 minutes. How long did you have to wait today before you were seen?

    3. During your visit, were you treated professionally and respect by our staff?

    4. We hope to always show and fully explain any suggested treatments and to give you plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions. How satisfied are you that we succeeded?

    5. It is our policy to provide all patients with a detailed treatment plan and costs before any treatment starts. How satisfied are you with the information given to you about the cost of your treatment?

    6. How satisfied are you with the outcome of your treatment?

    7. How likely are you to recommend our practice to family and friends?

    8. Have we got it right or how can we improve? Please write a few things that you think we should improve or what you like about our practice:

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