Our state of the art surgery has been developed over several years.

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In 1997, Michael introduced digital radiography into his practice. Digital radiography by Dexis reduces the radiation dose to the patient by up to 80% and allows more discerning techniques in diagnosis and treatments than conventional x-rays.


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In 1998, Michael was the first endodontist in the UK to purchase and use a Zeiss Pro-Magis microscope, the flagship of the Zeiss microscope range. zeiss

Specialist root canal treatment can only really be carried out using the best possible magnification and illumination of the root canal system. The microscope is used by the endodontist using a standard dental mouth mirror and reflecting the image into the microscope so that the endodontist can see what he is looking for!In 1999, Michael was again at the forefront of his profession by linking the microscope camera and the digital x-ray system to a PC in the surgery. This allows images of the inside of the tooth to be saved by the computer and printed images and digital radiographs are then sent to the referring dentist to be included in the patient’s own dental records.

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